Governmental Relations

For more than 25 years, Smith Bryan & Myers has been helping businesses do business with government. SBM has become one of Tallahassee’s premier governmental relations firms because of our diverse team’s meticulous understanding of Florida’s governmental process. At SBM, our firm members have worked in senior positions for Florida’s leading policymakers and shapers. We believe our unique blend of experience gives our clients a distinct advantage when seeking successful solutions to business problems.

SBM represents clients in a variety of professions including, but not limited to, health care, gaming, local government, insurance, education, criminal justice, information technology, commercial development, transportation, local government, communications & utilities, agribusiness and the beverage industry. Additionally, the General Appropriations Act is one of our firm’s main focus areas. In fact, SBM works on more budget issues than virtually any firm, having secured millions of dollars in appropriations over the years for a variety of clients.

SBM monitors and successfully advocates for our clients before the Florida Legislature, the Governor’s Office and Executive Agencies, as well as the Florida Cabinet. SBM is committed to communicating regularly with House and Senate leadership and working closely with the Governor’s Office. Additionally, we recognize our clients have different goals and needs, and take pride in tailoring specialized services to meet the requirement of each our clients. SBM looks forward to the opportunity to partnering with you to achieve your government relations priorities.

Governmental Procurement

Smith, Bryan & Myers has extensive experience in advising clients on state and local government procurements, including negotiating contracts directly with state agencies on behalf of our clients. Among others, SBM’s team has successfully represented the winners of contracts to:

  • Conduct auto emissions testing in Northeast Florida
  • Provide processing of electronic credit card payments
  • Design, build, finance and operate prisons for the State of Florida
  • Provide driver licenses for the state’s citizens
  • Operate a pay day lending database for the Department of Financial Services
  • Keep the records for the state’s Prepaid Tuition Program

At SBM, we have found that success is more often achieved in government procurements with early and detailed preparation. Our team can facilitate discussions with key agency decision makers and help you understand how the agency really works, including strengths and weaknesses, so you are more than ready to respond to the procurement once it is issued. SBM will also review all procurement documents and assist you in preparing your submittals. Finally, we have learned to work closely with legislative leaders on major procurements because the procurement process is necessarily intertwined with the state budgeting process. SBM looks forward to the opportunity to partner with you to achieve your governmental procurement goals.

Political Consulting

Smith, Bryan & Myers recognizes the key role politics plays in government. As very active participants in the Florida political process, our firm can position your company, association or coalition to benefit from the emerging and unpredictable trends in Florida government. The strategic support we provide to candidates allows us to increase access for our clients by building on our strong working relationships with key policymakers throughout the year. Our team has led Constitutional Amendment campaigns and worked on statewide political campaigns and countless State Senate and House races.

SBM’s political consulting services include fundraising, PAC or Political Committee management and compliance, campaign planning, media placement, and consulting for candidates. At SBM, we have found that remaining active in this crucial part of the political process keeps us informed well in advance of changes within Florida government. We also take pride in developing strong and long-lasting relationships with future leaders through this process. SBM looks forward to the opportunity to partner with you to achieve your political consulting goals.

Business Development

Smith, Bryan & Myers is a valued addition to any firm seeking expansion in Florida and in state Capitols throughout the country. When the Legislature is not meeting, our team shifts our focus to agency procurement officers, local government buyers, and other potential customers for our clients. In short, SBM acts as a supplemental sales force for our clients wishing to sell products and services to governmental entities.

SBM has leveraged our extensive network of contacts throughout the state to assist software companies, water quality companies, companies offering privatized correctional services and many others to increase their sales in Florida. At SBM, our statewide relationships range from the local government level to governmental boards and institutions, which has proved helpful to allowing our client’s the access they need to create government markets for your goods and services. SBM looks forward to the opportunity to partner with you to achieve your business development goals.