Governmental Procurement

Smith Bryan & Myers has extensive experience in advising clients on state and local government procurements, including negotiating contracts directly with state agencies on behalf of our clients. Among others, SBM’s team has successfully represented the winners of contracts to:

  • Conduct auto emissions testing in Northeast Florida
  • Provide processing of electronic credit card payments
  • Design, build, finance and operate prisons for the State of Florida
  • Provide driver licenses for the state’s citizens
  • Operate a pay day lending database for the Department of Financial Services
  • Keep the records for the state’s Prepaid Tuition Program

At SBM, we have found that success is more often achieved in government procurements with early and detailed preparation. Our team can facilitate discussions with key agency decision makers and help you understand how the agency really works, including strengths and weaknesses, so you are more than ready to respond to the procurement once it is issued. SBM will also review all procurement documents and assist you in preparing your submittals. Finally, we have learned to work closely with legislative leaders on major procurements because the procurement process is necessarily intertwined with the state budgeting process. SBM looks forward to the opportunity to partner with you to achieve your governmental procurement goals.