Business Development

Smith, Bryan & Myers is a valued addition to any firm seeking expansion in Florida and in state Capitols throughout the country. When the Legislature is not meeting, our team shifts our focus to agency procurement officers, local government buyers, and other potential customers for our clients. In short, SBM acts as a supplemental sales force for our clients wishing to sell products and services to governmental entities.

SBM has leveraged our extensive network of contacts throughout the state to assist software companies, water quality companies, companies offering privatized correctional services and many others to increase their sales in Florida. At SBM, our statewide relationships range from the local government level to governmental boards and institutions, which has proved helpful to allowing our client’s the access they need to create government markets for your goods and services. SBM looks forward to the opportunity to partner with you to achieve your business development goals.

In the News

Smith, Bryan & Myers Pushes Legislation Through Responsive, Experienced Service

With a team of six lobbyists and over 30 years of experience, Tallahassee-based Smith, Bryan & Myers has built a strong reputation on proactive, client-oriented service, ranking the firm No. 8 on Sunshine State News’ list of Top Lobbyists in the Sunshine State.

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Sunburn for 3/26 – A morning read of what’s hot in Florida politics

Smith, Bryan & Myers (SBM) announced it has launched a new website and expanded its social media presence across the digital universe.

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Sunburn for 11/8 – A morning read of what’s hot in Florida politics

Matt Bryan, Jeff Hartley, Jim Naff, Smith Bryan & Myers: North Florida Water Working Group

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